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A year in the life

It feels like I’ve hit some pretty big milestones in a few key areas lately. I get all nostalgic in the fall, and I can’t help but compare where I am now with where I was a year ago—and luckily I’ve got the receipts in handy blog form. For one, I was everyone’s favourite single storyteller. Still going…… Continue reading A year in the life

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Love dot com

As someone who works in online dating, I’m hyperaware of the multitude of options available for those of us looking for love for lust for sanity. I’ve tried my fair share, and while I could never use them all (Christian Mingle would kick me out in a heartbeat), I can certainly do my best to try as many…… Continue reading Love dot com

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Good things come to those who don’t wait

I can be a bit impulsive and impatient at times; the two tend to go hand-in-hand for me. When I decide something on a whim, I want it to happen rightthissecond. Usually, it involves something like dying my hair blue or getting a tattoo (I realize the latter should not be a spur of the moment…… Continue reading Good things come to those who don’t wait