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Loud and proud

The past 72 hours were the biggest stoop event of the summer: World Pride weekend. I live in the heart of the gay village, and every year my stoop/entire apartment turns into Pride headquarters for all those near and dear to me, my roommate, and our downstairs neighbours. My closest friends and I gear up for…… Continue reading Loud and proud

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Streetcorner Shenanigans

I like to think my ‘city armour’ is pretty good. Even if my phone dies, I keep my headphones in, I try to avoid eye contact (although that doesn’t always work), and I can weave through a crowd well enough (pro tip: be short). Lately though, I’ve been finding it more and more difficult to get…… Continue reading Streetcorner Shenanigans

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Tolerance. Kindness. Hope.

Apologies if you came here today looking for funny; I promise to entertain you next time. I read a quote earlier this summer that really stuck with me: Be tolerant of those who are intolerant, for they are confused.  I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately, especially with all the news out of the…… Continue reading Tolerance. Kindness. Hope.