Oh hello. I have a treat for you in the form of another awesome guest post. This one comes from the lovely Ashleigh at SmashOz, which I highly recommend you check out. She bravely tackles self-doubt and body image, something I’ve openly struggled with/shared before. Enjoy!    Here she is again! That witch, she wants nothing…… Continue reading Maleficent


Connect the dots

A friend and I recently turned online dating into a drinking game. Armed with too much wine and inspired by this and my original Tinder posts, the rules were simple: Take a drink if you see pictures with/of: Doped up tigers Guns Terrible tattoos Babies Where’s Waldo (groups with no indication of who’s actually on the site) No picture…… Continue reading Connect the dots


Bully for you

Fact: people can be jerks sometimes. Something about dating really brings out people’s asshole tendencies, especially when they feel slighted. I’ve had my own experiences with this, and they typically follow a pattern: Dude: I would like to go out with you/see you again. Me: Thank you, but no thank you. Dude: Fuck you, slut/bitch/whore/fatty. Five seconds…… Continue reading Bully for you

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Share the load

I lost about 50 lbs over the past eight months or so, but it’s only started to really sink in recently. I’ve been pretty much everywhere on the body-size spectrum: a gangly tween with long skinny legs; a healthy teenager with a not-so-healthy body image; a bit chubby in university; and finally decidedly overweight for…… Continue reading Share the load