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We’re all mad here

Sometimes (aka now), I get a bit too in my own head about the ongoings in my life. That's where the blog comes in. I get to vomit out a bunch of words to the hypothetical readership and the vast spaces of the interwebz, control that writing itch (oh good, now I've made writing sound… Continue reading We’re all mad here


Born free

Oh, hello there! It's been a while. I know, it's my fault, I'm sorry. Let us move on, shall we? I have a confession: I'm not very good shit with money. I've never been what one would call frugal, haven't had much use for budgets, and this has been my way of dealing with my… Continue reading Born free

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Woman on a ledge

Well, we're knee deep in it now. Dating is such a fickle beast; it can make you feel like king of the gd world one minute and king shit of turd mountain the next. I will have nights where no one messages me and I think either a) my profile is a terrible representation of… Continue reading Woman on a ledge