Getting there is half the fun

I love the city. There are so many amazing things that come with living in a place like Toronto, and every day I consider myself lucky to live here. That being said, sometimes public transit fucking sucks. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not here to proselytize about transit fees or TTC workers. I am referring…… Continue reading Getting there is half the fun

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International woman of mystery

A friend, upon reading my previous posts, recently asked if I have ever had any luck with men. I’m pretty sure he was serious. I know these stories may not show it, but I actually don’t dislike men (even after two years working at Ashley Madison), and I have had some lovely experiences with wonderful…… Continue reading International woman of mystery

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Tolerance. Kindness. Hope.

Apologies if you came here today looking for funny; I promise to entertain you next time. I read a quote earlier this summer that really stuck with me: Be tolerant of those who are intolerant, for they are confused.  I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately, especially with all the news out of the…… Continue reading Tolerance. Kindness. Hope.

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A dollar won’t get you very far these days

I am still in my online dating site moratorium (for the obvious reasons), and thought I should blog about something else lest this turn into one big dating clusterfuck, but inspiration just wouldn’t strike. So, I will give the people what they want, with a slight twist: dating horror stories from real life. Before exploring…… Continue reading A dollar won’t get you very far these days