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Expectation versus reality

Since I’m not out there in the shitshow Toronto dating scene, you’re going to have to deal with me navigating this brave new world. I have no idea what I’m doing, and I’m most likely going┬áto get lost (there isn’t a Google Maps for relating to other people, is there)? Don’t say I didn’t warn…… Continue reading Expectation versus reality

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Inner pieces

Here we are again, and so soon? After my self-imposed moratorium on dating, I rejoined the fray full of hope and ready for a host of new adventures. Instead, a mere six weeks later I find myself on the precipice of profile deletion, thoroughly unimpressed and wholly disappointed. At the very least, I thought I…… Continue reading Inner pieces

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The thing about kids

I love kids. I love my friends’ kids, my cousins’ kids, random babies I see on the subway, I love kids. I spent time with some amazing kids this week, and even managed to survive a trip to the grocery store with a six month old and three year old intact (I also got to…… Continue reading The thing about kids