You’ve got mail

A sense of humour is important for most things in life. I would say that goes double for maintaining sanity in the Toronto dating scene. Now, with that being said, not everyone agrees on what’s funny. That itself can be a pretty good way to weed out potential dates. If you don’t think I’m funny,…… Continue reading You’ve got mail

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Pardon you

I have hemmed and hawed over writing this post for a while now. Before I started this little misadventure, I didn’t think about my ‘blog policy’ in terms of writing about people who might eventually read it. With some of our past contestants, interaction was minimal and I certainly didn’t share this blog with them. However,…… Continue reading Pardon you


Character studies

My grandmother, with whom I shared an affinity/obsession for all things Stephen King, was a woman who gave no fucks about what other people thought. She was a character. When I was young, I spent a lot of time with her. She and my mom were extremely close, which meant we did a lot together. The three of us…… Continue reading Character studies

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A dollar won’t get you very far these days

I am still in my online dating site moratorium (for the obvious reasons), and thought I should blog about something else lest this turn into one big dating clusterfuck, but inspiration just wouldn’t strike. So, I will give the people what they want, with a slight twist: dating horror stories from real life. Before exploring…… Continue reading A dollar won’t get you very far these days

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The fine line between love and lunacy

Just because I’m not actively online dating anymore doesn’t mean I don’t have lots of tragicomic stories to pass on. The following aren’t epic enough to get their own entries, unlike The Man with Two Faces and Anger Management, but combined they offer enough what-the-fuckery to impress. There was the very affectionate French Canadian who bemoaned…… Continue reading The fine line between love and lunacy


L.O.L. (srsly, IRL)

If you can’t laugh at yourself, then we’re probably not friends. Life is pretty funny most of the time (and if you laugh as a stress response during inappropriate situations — like me at a funeral — then it’s funny pretty much all the time).  I do a lot of stupid shit, and if I didn’t…… Continue reading L.O.L. (srsly, IRL)