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Too much too soon

‘But what about the blog?’  If I had a dollar for every time someone has asked me that over the past couple of weeks, as it becomes obvious that Bogart isn’t going anywhere – despite my bananapants behaviour and drunken shenanigans – I would have a lot of dollars. Well, I would probably have a…… Continue reading Too much too soon

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Trick or Treat

No matter what, my friends always know how to cheer me up. The following text message conversation took place on Friday night: Me: I will not cry in a bar. My Girlfriend Not Girlfriend: Worse things have happened in a bar. You’ve hooked up in a bar. (A long, long time ago. Sorry Mom.) But I’m…… Continue reading Trick or Treat

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Pardon you

I have hemmed and hawed over writing this post for a while now. Before I started this little misadventure, I didn’t think about my ‘blog policy’ in terms of writing about people who might eventually read it. With some of our past contestants, interaction was minimal and I certainly didn’t share this blog with them. However,…… Continue reading Pardon you

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A dollar won’t get you very far these days

I am still in my online dating site moratorium (for the obvious reasons), and thought I should blog about something else lest this turn into one big dating clusterfuck, but inspiration just wouldn’t strike. So, I will give the people what they want, with a slight twist: dating horror stories from real life. Before exploring…… Continue reading A dollar won’t get you very far these days

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It’s fun, even when it turns to shit…

Alright, online dating: you win. I am no match for the crazy that you continue to throw at me, so I am packing up my bags and leaving. Last night was another in a string of “Is this real life?” dates. I wonder if I’m being secretly recorded for some Punk’d version of The Truman…… Continue reading It’s fun, even when it turns to shit…

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Are you afraid of the date?

Nothing’s better than telling scary stories by the campfire during the last few weeks of summer. So gather ’round friends, and I’ll tell you some truly terrifying tales. That’s right, we’re talking about dating. This first story is a favourite of mine, and can probably be credited for enough people saying, “You should be blogging,”…… Continue reading Are you afraid of the date?