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Far from normal

I always wondered when it would happen, and it surprises me that it took this long: My online harasser found the blog. He may be reading this post. He may be digging through the archives for more ammunition to try to bait me with (favourite tactics include racist remarks, slut-shaming, and insults about my body,…… Continue reading Far from normal


New phone, who dis?

I’ve received some rather … interesting messages lately. And not the usual type of interesting. Just weird interactions. A gentleman in my phone as ‘Scott Tinder’ reached out to me over the Thanksgiving weekend: I had absolutely no idea who the fuck this dude was. I have an admittedly shitty memory, and this is what my contact…… Continue reading New phone, who dis?

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What’s your story?

Clearly I like sharing my stories. I like to think people (all five of you and my mom) enjoy reading them as well. I am pretty good at telling them on dates (either as entertainment or a warning that sometimes goes unheeded) and when I haven’t seen friends in a while, I usually sing for…… Continue reading What’s your story?

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Love dot com

As someone who works in online dating, I’m hyperaware of the multitude of options available for those of us looking for love for lust for sanity. I’ve tried my fair share, and while I could never use them all (Christian Mingle would kick me out in a heartbeat), I can certainly do my best to try as many…… Continue reading Love dot com


Do you want to play a game?

You guys: I totally had a celebrity encounter! Technically, there were two since he hit on me twice, but we’ll get to that in a bit. I had a real-live, honest-to-goodness Master Pick-Up Artist™ run game on little ol’ me! Some of you might be wondering what, pray tell, a PUA is. Have no fear,…… Continue reading Do you want to play a game?

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Even flow

If last year’s theme was grow, this year (all 31 days of it thus far) seems to be focused on flow. More specifically, going with the aforementioned flow. I don’t know when and I don’t know how (sidebar: if you’re not singing The Little Mermaid after hearing those lines, I don’t think we can be friends),…… Continue reading Even flow

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You had me at hello

A friend of mine recently discovered Straight White Boys Texting, and asked me if I had any experience with this sort of thing. OK Cupid and Tinder never fail to provide hilariously gross exchanges from men who’ve seemingly never interacted with other humans. I’ve posted a few before, but since I’ve been sending some of the recent…… Continue reading You had me at hello


You’ve got mail

A sense of humour is important for most things in life. I would say that goes double for maintaining sanity in the Toronto dating scene. Now, with that being said, not everyone agrees on what’s funny. That itself can be a pretty good way to weed out potential dates. If you don’t think I’m funny,…… Continue reading You’ve got mail