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Choose your choices

I admit: I have a few bad habits — and no, I’m not talking about my affinity for drinking and swearing. I quite like those habits, thankyouverymuch. I’ve been giving some thought lately to one such habit in particular, and the way it has bled into all different aspects of my life: I can be a bit indecisive. We…… Continue reading Choose your choices

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Party party fun fun

Fun might be the most subjective word in the OED. Lately, I’ve ended up in a bunch of surprise-fun situations. We all know what we consider fun (wallpapering can be fun for some, right Mr. and Mrs. Snack Bag?), and typically what we don’t. Or do we? I was home for a very countrified Christmas,…… Continue reading Party party fun fun

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Moderately manic

I’m not very good with moderation. If I like something, I want it all the time. Take music for example: I will listen to the same song, on repeat for hours, when I first ‘discover’ it. YouTube Repeat was made for people like me. I’ve listened to the Songza Indie Apartment Party playlist so often…… Continue reading Moderately manic