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Family values

I know, I know, I’m shit and I haven’t been writing, and I’m sorry. I actually started a post last week about how cutely gross/funny my relationship is, but I’m not feeling it at the moment, so you’re spared the schmoop. For now. Instead, I give you Anxiety Girl™. You’ve met her before (well some…… Continue reading Family values

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Father knows best

There are times when I feel so unlike my parents it’s hard to fathom how someone like me came from those houses, let alone how we’re related. When I’m the last one at the table, plate half full because I rapid-fire talked my way through dinner while everyone else sat silently, dutifully eating their meals and occasionally…… Continue reading Father knows best

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Party party fun fun

Fun might be the most subjective word in the OED. Lately, I’ve ended up in a bunch of surprise-fun situations. We all know what we consider fun (wallpapering can be fun for some, right Mr. and Mrs. Snack Bag?), and typically what we don’t. Or do we? I was home for a very countrified Christmas,…… Continue reading Party party fun fun

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I need an adult

I have a confession to make: dating makes me uncomfortable. First dates and all their akwardness are fine, but the actual dating phase — one person, multiple dates — really throws me off my game. Dating is weird. I’m not used to this whole ‘get to know a stranger and see if you like them,’…… Continue reading I need an adult

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All I want for Christmas

Tis the season to be jolly, et cetera. I have had a very tumultuous relationship with the holidays, so today we’re going to walk a little with the Ghost of Christmas Past. Boo! As a child, Christmas was a blast. My parents divorced when I was quite young, which meant I got twice as many…… Continue reading All I want for Christmas


Character studies

My grandmother, with whom I shared an affinity/obsession for all things Stephen King, was a woman who gave no fucks about what other people thought. She was a character. When I was young, I spent a lot of time with her. She and my mom were extremely close, which meant we did a lot together. The three of us…… Continue reading Character studies