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Get movin’

A few months ago, despite my affection for the stoop and my generally awesome apartment, I started thinking about moving. I missed the neighbourhood I used to live in and I longed to live on my own again. Then along came Bogart. I talked about my apartment daydreams with him, and he sort of tiptoed around the idea…… Continue reading Get movin’

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One door closes …

So perhaps I oversold the ease with which I can transition from the warm and fuzzies to ‘Hey buddy!’ I think my last post put more of an, ‘I’m fine, you’re fine, we’re all fine,’ spin on things than I’m feeling today. When something comes to an end, it still sucks. Full stop. Even if…… Continue reading One door closes …

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You can’t make an omelette …

Well, I’ve written and deleted about five versions of this post in the past 20 minutes, so I might as well just cut the shit and get right to it: things didn’t work out with JB. We had possibly the most civilized conversation ever that started with the words, ‘I need to talk to you about…… Continue reading You can’t make an omelette …

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Don’t worry, be happy

One of my oldest friends — and very vocal supporter of this blog — has been going on a lot of Tinder dates lately. I am trying to convince him to write a guest post for me: But maybe people do want to read that shit. Yes, the tragic stories are hilarious, but I’ve also written…… Continue reading Don’t worry, be happy

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Need for speed

It’s a night of firsts for StephNotStephanie! Tonight, I went to my first speed dating event and I dragged along my friend Nicole from Don’tCallMeNikki. We’re writing this blog together, making it the first collaboratively written post. I’m so fancy, you already know. P.S. Watch that video. Seriously. Like way harsh, Tai. (And yes, there was booze.…… Continue reading Need for speed