Netflix and no chill

The universe has been working hard lately to show me how ultimately fair and good it can be. Upgraded from nosebleeds to floor seats at a Madonna show, awesome work news, winning great tickets to a hockey game, getting carded, and more adventures in Toronto dating. Don’t worry, shit got back to weird after about two weeks…… Continue reading Netflix and no chill

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You’ve got to be kidding

I was having a pretty good day. Good things happened at work, I was carded while buying wine (yes you fucking can ask to see my ID), and I spent some time doing my kitchen dance party thing while making a veggie mac and cheese from scratch for Binary and myself. I asked him to spend the night since…… Continue reading You’ve got to be kidding


That awkward moment

I can be an awkward person. This shouldn’t be news to anyone, but I think the depths of said awkwardness might be something of a surprise to some. On the surface — most of the time, anyway — I have my shit pretty together. Every now and then, however, I devolve right back to high school Steph and…… Continue reading That awkward moment