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The fine line between love and lunacy

Just because I’m not actively online dating anymore doesn’t mean I don’t have lots of tragicomic stories to pass on. The following aren’t epic enough to get their own entries, unlike The Man with Two Faces and Anger Management, but combined they offer enough what-the-fuckery to impress. There was the very affectionate French Canadian who bemoaned…… Continue reading The fine line between love and lunacy

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It’s fun, even when it turns to shit…

Alright, online dating: you win. I am no match for the crazy that you continue to throw at me, so I am packing up my bags and leaving. Last night was another in a string of “Is this real life?” dates. I wonder if I’m being secretly recorded for some Punk’d version of The Truman…… Continue reading It’s fun, even when it turns to shit…

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Are you afraid of the date?

Nothing’s better than telling scary stories by the campfire during the last few weeks of summer. So gather ’round friends, and I’ll tell you some truly terrifying tales. That’s right, we’re talking about dating. This first story is a favourite of mine, and can probably be credited for enough people saying, “You should be blogging,”…… Continue reading Are you afraid of the date?


L.O.L. (srsly, IRL)

If you can’t laugh at yourself, then we’re probably not friends. Life is pretty funny most of the time (and if you laugh as a stress response during inappropriate situations — like me at a funeral — then it’s funny pretty much all the time).  I do a lot of stupid shit, and if I didn’t…… Continue reading L.O.L. (srsly, IRL)