L.O.L. (srsly, IRL)

If you can’t laugh at yourself, then we’re probably not friends. Life is pretty funny most of the time (and if you laugh as a stress response during inappropriate situations — like me at a funeral — then it’s funny pretty much all the time).  I do a lot of stupid shit, and if I didn’t laugh, I honestly don’t know what I would do.

Today was a perfect example. Since I started working from home, I like to spend my mornings working on my rather cramped balcony. Every day I do a balancing act while trying to get myself, my laptop, phone, and breakfast around the door and to the table. Today, I thought how much it would suck if I dropped my laptop, and two seconds later my two-week old iPhone went between the rails and hit the cement three floors down.

For a split second, my brain tried to tell me the appropriate response in this situation would be tears. I looked around, tried saying “Apple Z” in my head a few times to no avail, and just started laughing hysterically. I’m sure the neighbours think I’m a crazy woman who throws things at them for entertainment purposes, but it was really funny.

Granted, I’m writing this post after some amazing customer service from the Apple Store (and a brand new replacement phone safely tucked away, surrounded by pillows and bubble wrap), and I might be a little less able to find the humour if I had to shell out $200, but even then it would still have been a pretty good story. Who drops a phone off a balcony? Thisgirl, that’s who.

So the next time something ridiculous happens to you, try laughing (and then call me, so I can laugh at/with you). I promise to make you feel better with my own stupid shit, although I think I might be avoiding balconies for a while.


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