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Woman on a ledge

Well, we're knee deep in it now. Dating is such a fickle beast; it can make you feel like king of the gd world one minute and king shit of turd mountain the next. I will have nights where no one messages me and I think either a) my profile is a terrible representation of… Continue reading Woman on a ledge

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Pardon you

I have hemmed and hawed over writing this post for a while now. Before I started this little misadventure, I didn’t think about my ‘blog policy’ in terms of writing about people who might eventually read it. With some of our past contestants, interaction was minimal and I certainly didn’t share this blog with them. However,…… Continue reading Pardon you

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Let’s get this party started

So here we are on the precipice of a very big birthday. I turn 30 in t-minus 11 minutes, and I just may need to pour a glass of my finest cheapest wine and put on a tiara. Where the hell is my tiara??? Birthday resolution numero uno: don’t be such a slob. Adults aren’t supposed to live…… Continue reading Let’s get this party started


Character studies

My grandmother, with whom I shared an affinity/obsession for all things Stephen King, was a woman who gave no fucks about what other people thought. She was a character. When I was young, I spent a lot of time with her. She and my mom were extremely close, which meant we did a lot together. The three of us…… Continue reading Character studies