Ain’t no mountain high enough

I climbed a mountain today. It wasn’t a very big mountain, and it was more of a hike along a path (hey, there was loose gravel and it was dangerous and stuff, okay?), but still, there was a mountain and I made it to the top.


I’ve been carting around this list of things I want to do (eventually), and thought sharing it with you, friend and/or Internet stranger, might make me more likely to get my ass in gear.

So here, in no particular order, are some things I plan to do:

  • upgrade my Spanish to at least passable fluency
  • learn to play the violin. First stop, learn to read music. Second stop, buy earplugs for my roommate
  • write a book
  • tour weird museums in Europe
  • run a half marathon (inspired by my friend Breechie Pants, who ran one last fall)
  • visit every province/territory
  • join a ball hockey team
  • volunteer (what/where/when/why tbd)
  • spend time doing hospice work in Africa
  • go to Poet’s Corner and stay until they kick me out
  • take my biz to the next level (with an actual office, although that means actual clothes instead of jammy jams)
  • see random places in the U.S. — Texas and New Orleans have this weird draw for me
  • sing one song during karaoke that doesn’t sound like I’m murdering cats
  • get my M class licence

I’m sure I’ll think of more — and maybe some inspiration will even find its way into the comments section!


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