Anger management

Apparently I have pissed someone off. I’ve probably pissed a lot of people off, but this is a bit more specific.

A few times, in my wanderings in online dating, I’ve run into a particular individual. I have no idea what he actually looks like, since he has a number of fake profiles. Now, these profiles are obviously fake, and he usually starts a conversation off with ‘Hi Steph,’ or the cringe-inducing ‘Hi Stephy,’ so I always know it’s him. Sometimes he just gets right to being belligerent and I just block him, but last night he was in a conversational mood. After much back and forth, he let slip that I’ve actually met him in real life. He claims we worked together (in 2010, but refuses to tell me where). He seems a bit obsessed with messaging me from these various accounts in an attempt to make me fall for him (and then exact his revenge by standing me up, I assume). His typical rant goes something like this:

I am going to f*ck with you on this site like you wouldn’t believe. I have contacted you with only a fraction of my fake profiles…let’s see how many you respond to, wh*ore.

My response was that I hope he finds the peace he seeks in life. Rule number one, don’t feed the trolls. He continued:

since i obviously have no life, I also have plenty of fake facebook profiles, multiple e-mail addresses and plenty of disposable tracphone #’s at my disposal, I am sure that does not come as much of a surprise to you…..i can’t wait until you unwittingly share some of your personal information with me under one of my other fake profiles..currently 37 (counting this one) and growing..cell #, full name, facebook, etc…whatever…. 😉

His proof that we know each other: he knows my last name, but not much else. When I asked why he needed to ‘trick’ me into giving him my personal information, he said we weren’t close enough to exchange numbers (or Facebook, apparently) at the time. He also claims he was interested in me, but I ignored his ‘flirtation,’ and that is why he is so angry.

If that’s the case, I must be way more awesome than I give myself credit for, since I’ve inspired some sort of three-year vendetta. Unfortunately, I think the truth is that he is a deeply troubled individual with delusions of grandeur who watches far too many spy movies. I can’t really feel anything but pity for someone who spends so much time filled with anger and resentment, what a terrible way to live.


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