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Keep calm and …

I’ve written this post in my head a million times over the past few weeks. I may lose some of my optimist points for that, but I haven’t exactly been feeling like myself lately. Over the past couple of months, Edwin and I have both been trying to figure out what works for each of…… Continue reading Keep calm and …

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I’ve been reading Born to Run (you should read it too, seriously), and it’s surprisingly poignant. Really, I just expected a well-written narrative, and instead I’m having my heart broken daily with prose like this: Make friends with pain, and you will never be alone. Where the fuck did that come from, running book?? That…… Continue reading Runaway

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Heart-shaped box

Valentine’s Day. Oh, here we fucking go. Valentine’s Day is one of those things you either really love or really don’t. I’m sure you can guess which category I fall under. The first Valentine’s Day that didn’t involve painstakingly writing cards for all the kids in my class (even the ones I hated), the first one where I…… Continue reading Heart-shaped box

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Share the load

I lost about 50 lbs over the past eight months or so, but it’s only started to really sink in recently. I’ve been pretty much everywhere on the body-size spectrum: a gangly tween with long skinny legs; a healthy teenager with a not-so-healthy body image; a bit chubby in university; and finally decidedly overweight for…… Continue reading Share the load

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Please Mister Post-it Man

I’ve published a few fabulous guest posts in the past, and I recently managed to convince another friend to share their story. When I first heard this terrible tale, my second thought (after, ‘Who fucking does that?’) was, ‘This has to go on the blog.’ So here it is, my dear friend Penelope’s (what a…… Continue reading Please Mister Post-it Man