Let’s bee friends

I need to take a moment to gush about my awesome friends. Pretty much anyone I’ve spent time with knows I am pretty damn social. Yes, I can still get tongue-tied on a date or nervous at a networking event, but for the most part, my happy place involves spending time with other people.

This is especially true when it comes to how I process thoughts/feelings/emotions/life. Not only do I feel the need to overshare them here, I also talk them to death with my friends. Praise the Flying Spaghetti Monster I have very indulgent friends who are willing to listen to all of my crap — or they’re just always drunk enough to find me entertaining. Not only do they hear all the stories that make it on the blog, they are subject to the (surprising) amount of insanity that I don’t share on here. I don’t write about all of it because a) a lady has to have some secrets, and b) some of it is so batshit fucked up that I don’t think anyone would believe me if I didn’t show them proof IRL. Seriously, you cannot make some of this shit up.

This past week I spent pretty much all of my waking hours with some of my favourite people:  celebrating amazing business wins over shopping and wine (because of course wine), talking shit about (past) boys, dishing on the new man, acting fools while throwing rocks down bumpy sheets of ice, catching up with people I don’t have enough of in my life, and having the best damn vegan ‘fish’ in the world.

My friends are there when I am in danger of crying alone and screaming Adele at my cats (they keep me busy with scheduled ‘quadra-snuggles’ instead) because of all the feels, support my poor life decisions, gently encourage better decisions, and crack open a box of wine when I show up at their door post-date. When I was in particularly dire straits and crying at pretty much everything, I decided to send people texts of appreciation (which only made me cry more, and some of them rightfully made fun of me). Now that I’m not a blubbering mess, I wanted to take a moment to publicly express my love.

Cheers, friends!



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  1. I know I should focus on the friendship bit but CURLING! Yay! And y’all look so damn good in those socks.

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