Bully for you

Fact: people can be jerks sometimes. Something about dating really brings out people’s asshole tendencies, especially when they feel slighted. I’ve had my own experiences with this, and they typically follow a pattern:

Dude: I would like to go out with you/see you again.

Me: Thank you, but no thank you.

Dude: Fuck you, slut/bitch/whore/fatty.

Five seconds earlier, they were into my slutiness/bitchiness/whoredom/fat. Sometimes, if I’ve really offended them with my lack of interest, they’ll become extra aggressive and feel the need to continue throwing insults in my direction. This winner (remember him?) sent so many disgusting texts that I had to block his number. Apparently I brought shame upon all women by not paying for my tea, and I needed to ‘stop choosing men with my clitoris.’ I have no idea what the fuck that means, nor do I want to find out. For all I know, he’s still yelling at me and his messages are floating around out there, unseen and unanswered.

I just don’t get it. I’ve dealt with my fair share of rejection, and while of course it doesn’t feel lovely, at no point have I ever insulted the person because they had the nerve not to fall head over heels in love with me. I could understand if I had lied or cheated, or done something malicious, but that’s not the case with any of these nutbars.

Another similar (and equally perplexing) case: attempting to insult someone into coming back to you. This is happening to two people in my life right now, and the only way to describe it is batshit crazy. You’ve broken up with someone for myriad reasons, and you want them back, so what do you do? Hurl insults, threaten, manipulate, and generally act like an asshole? Great plan! Seriously, this strategy makes no goddamn sense. If someone is telling me they hope I die in a fire, the last thing I plan to do is bring them back into my life. This level of insanity is not just the territory of men: I have seen it on both sides of the gender divide, and bitches can be cray.

I find the whole thing so perplexing because I just can’t imagine a rational human being really believing that acting like a toddler (with more swears) will achieve the results they want. It just makes my head hurt. I’ll let Judy sum it up for me:




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2 responses to “Bully for you”

  1. These dudes have to learn to be less… provincial? Am I using that right?

    If anything I think MORE women should go around choosing men with the clitoris!

    That l’il sonofabitch needs to learn to pull his weight. Ladies should be reading books with it, choppin’ vegetables, hanging picture frames and DEFINITELY blogging with that bad boy!

    The free ride ends here!

    But seriously dude sounds like a douche. What a dick!

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