Jokers to the right

Oh Toronto dating, you try so hard, yet you fail to shock me anymore. Maybe I’m (finally) desensitized, but if this is the worst you’ve got, then hit me with your best shit shot.

A bit of background: this scholar thought my drunk texts should seem ‘drunker,’ and he chirped me for being too articulate. Of course he had a typo (or five), so I chirped right back. He asked me to tell him ‘wat typoo,’ and then was none too pleased when I pointed it out.


Apparently I’ve reached max extreme I don’t give a fuck status, I’m not even redacting his name or picture. Sorry not sorry, Marco.



3 responses to “Jokers to the right”

  1. You may or may not be pleased to know that yours is the 9th hit when I googled Toronto Dating Blog.

    Depending on how you feel about it all, it may be cool that you’re in the top ten but it might also be decidedly UNCOOL to be known to the drooling masses as “dat Taranah broad wat dates abunch”

    Keep ’em coming

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