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Surprises are awesome, even though they pretty much always end with me in tears (fun Steph fact: pretty much all my emotions come out in droplet form, from joy and laughter to sadness and hunger. What? Hunger is totally an emotion). I love being surprised as much as I love doing said surprising. Last summer when one of my best friends turned 30 her boyfriend threw her an amazing surprise party (and keeping things from her is no small task). She cried, which made me cry, it was great.

This winter, two great friends managed to pull off a surprise dinner for yours truly – one had moved to B.C. and managed to fly back without anyone finding out. When she showed up at the restaurant, I burst into tears and it took me about five solid minutes to get my words back. The manager even sent over champagne so we could toast to friends reuniting.

Saturday night, I put on my party dress and heels (yes, that happens on occasion) to celebrate what I thought was an engagement party for two lovely people. We drank, ate, laughed, and then everyone shut the hell up for speech time. All of a sudden, the lady half of the affianced couple came out of nowhere in a wedding dress. Surprise, it’s a wedding! Listen, I cry at regular weddings (see above re: feelings), but a surprise wedding? It was everything I could do not to go full Claire Danes ugly-cry, especially since the couple did such a great job telling us all their plans for their upcoming Vegas nuptials. I think surprise weddings might be my new favourite kind of weddings. It was a fucking blast! I honestly can’t think of any other couple who would a) have the audacity to pull something like that off, and b) the ability, and I send them all the love in the world. Good luck, you crazy kids! Also, I woke up with this awesome party favour on my ceiling:

The bride is a fellow StephNotStephanie
The bride is a fellow StephNotStephanie.

Oh, and because I know what you all come here for, yes there was a guy. However, since we met before (not online!) he’s already a reader (fuck), so that’s all I’m going to say about that for now.


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