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Need for speed

It’s a night of firsts for StephNotStephanie! Tonight, I went to my first speed dating event and I dragged along my friend Nicole from Don’tCallMeNikki. We’re writing this blog together, making it the first collaboratively written post. I’m so fancy, you already know. P.S. Watch that video. Seriously. Like way harsh, Tai. (And yes, there was booze.…… Continue reading Need for speed

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Uh-oh Spaghettio

I’m taking another break from the world of online dating to regroup and focus on all the awesome currently in my life, but don’t worry, I’ve got lots of material (I know you were panicking for a minute there). I’ve talked about my strategies for running into people you know on Tinder, but what about the…… Continue reading Uh-oh Spaghettio

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Take another pizza my heart

I need a new late-night pizza place. Or I just need to stop eating pizza late at night. I’ve been having strange conversations there for a while, actually. I went in for the first time in ages, and the guy behind the counter said he was surprised to see me by myself. I asked him what…… Continue reading Take another pizza my heart