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Love dot com

As someone who works in online dating, I’m hyperaware of the multitude of options available for those of us looking for love for lust for sanity. I’ve tried my fair share, and while I could never use them all (Christian Mingle would kick me out in a heartbeat), I can certainly do my best to try as many…… Continue reading Love dot com

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Say cheese!

I did a photo shoot a few weeks ago — the boudoir kind — and it was only slightly terrifying. Now, I’m a modern gal and have been known to send a Snapchat or two, but there’s a big difference between a grainy, low-light shot from a front-facing camera and a high-res, stand around in your underwear for…… Continue reading Say cheese!

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It’s all Greek to me

Oh, hey there! Nice of you to stop by. I have a treat for you … another guest post! This one comes courtesy of a lovely gent we’ll call Ernie (whom I hope won’t be a stranger ’round these here parts). Often when friends mention they had a bad date, my immediate response is to charm a…… Continue reading It’s all Greek to me


Connect the dots

A friend and I recently turned online dating into a drinking game. Armed with too much wine and inspired by this and my original Tinder posts, the rules were simple: Take a drink if you see pictures with/of: Doped up tigers Guns Terrible tattoos Babies Where’s Waldo (groups with no indication of who’s actually on the site) No picture…… Continue reading Connect the dots