Truth in advertising

After a lovely (well-timed) week at my family cottage camp sans electricity, I was super excited to meet a gentleman I started talking to on Tinder just before I left. I normally try to keep my expectations in check, but here was a fellow weirdo with a slightly off sense of humour and a dinosaur tattoo. My…… Continue reading Truth in advertising


If you can’t take the heat

I’m going a little off topic here, so bear with me. Or don’t and go read Buzzfeed. You’ve already counted as traffic, so thanks for visiting! I’m somewhere around my three-year anniversary as a vegetarian, a thought that struck me as bonkers all of a sudden. I messaged a friend, who thought I had lost my…… Continue reading If you can’t take the heat

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Time flies

I went out on a date last night that might go down in history as the biggest waste of time in my Toronto dating history. I met this charmer on Tinder (where else) after widening my age settings to a ridiculously low number I have since changed. He was young, but quite polite and eager…… Continue reading Time flies