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Strike a match

I was discussing the challenges guys face online (tons of messages sent for very few responses) versus what girls deal with (wading through the plethora of assholes) with a friend tonight. ‘At least you have choices,’ he said, ‘they’re just all terrible.’ I don’t know if that’s better. After my first post on the magic of…… Continue reading Strike a match

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We’re all mad here

Sometimes (aka now), I get a bit too in my own head about the ongoings in my life. That's where the blog comes in. I get to vomit out a bunch of words to the hypothetical readership and the vast spaces of the interwebz, control that writing itch (oh good, now I've made writing sound… Continue reading We’re all mad here


Born free

Oh, hello there! It's been a while. I know, it's my fault, I'm sorry. Let us move on, shall we? I have a confession: I'm not very good shit with money. I've never been what one would call frugal, haven't had much use for budgets, and this has been my way of dealing with my… Continue reading Born free

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Hostage situation

It has been far too long since I posted. I was struggling with motivation and a case of the SADs in this godforsaken endless winter, but I’ve emerged like a spring flower (or some poetic shit like that). I know when I start a story with, ‘I had a date last night…’ people have come…… Continue reading Hostage situation

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Streetcorner Shenanigans

I like to think my ‘city armour’ is pretty good. Even if my phone dies, I keep my headphones in, I try to avoid eye contact (although that doesn’t always work), and I can weave through a crowd well enough (pro tip: be short). Lately though, I’ve been finding it more and more difficult to get…… Continue reading Streetcorner Shenanigans


Getting there is half the fun

I love the city. There are so many amazing things that come with living in a place like Toronto, and every day I consider myself lucky to live here. That being said, sometimes public transit fucking sucks. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not here to proselytize about transit fees or TTC workers. I am referring…… Continue reading Getting there is half the fun