Let’s get hitched

I’m going to my business partner’s engagement party. As some of you may know, marriage isn’t my cup of tea. Weddings, however, are fucking awesome. I can only think of one where I didn’t enjoy myself (if I attended your wedding, don’t worry – I loved yours). It’s fun to get dressed up once in a while (a change from my working-at-home wardrobe), everyone is happy, there tends to be a lot of alcohol, and the reception is like a bar without the douchebags.

I’m going to be MCing this one, which is a first. I’ve been a bridesmaid, maid of honour, done some readings, even served as an ad-hoc florist, but this is new. At least I can cry in the seats during the ceremony, instead of trying to hold it in and just making this face the whole time.

I like to think it’ll be easy, since I am at least moderately entertaining, but I can get nervous speaking to big groups. My maid of honour speech was rendered useless due to a combo of nerves and tears. So, like any dutiful nerd, I’m taking a class to prepare. The wedding isn’t until may, so I have some time. I’m doing the public speaking course through Coursera, and I’m going to poke about at a few Toastmasters groups as well.

If you have any other ideas, please share, unless your solution is to just get wasted. Have we met?


3 responses to “Let’s get hitched”

  1. Aside from the tears (which are a normal and expected part of maid of honour speeches) your speech was fantastic! And also I love “this face” so the tears part was the icing on the cake (LOL)!!!!

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