Is Hallmark hiring?

Just to show everyone myself I’m not a Bitter Betty about all the lubey handjobs and too soon bro discussions of butt stuff, I thought I would take some time to focus on something lovely. I MC’d one of my best friend’s wedding just over a year ago, where something extra special happened (and no…… Continue reading Is Hallmark hiring?

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One of my best friends got married this weekend, and it was fabulous. We’ve been prepping and planning and having lead-up celebrations for almost a year, and the big day did not disappoint. Of course, what wedding weekend would be complete without a few too many drinks the night before (obviously¬†I’m talking about me and…… Continue reading Wannabe

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Let’s get hitched

I’m going to my business partner’s engagement party. As some of you may know, marriage isn’t my cup of tea. Weddings, however, are fucking awesome. I can only think of one where I didn’t enjoy myself (if I attended your wedding, don’t worry – I loved yours). It’s fun to get dressed up once in…… Continue reading Let’s get hitched