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A Steph by any other name

I am home for the holidays, which is always interesting. I’ve written before about my somewhat rocky relationship with Christmas, and all the baggage that comes attached to the holiday season. One of the main reasons for all that baggage is the idea of ‘home.’ My parents’ homes are no longer mine, but they are…… Continue reading A Steph by any other name

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Moderately manic

I’m not very good with moderation. If I like something, I want it all the time. Take music for example: I will listen to the same song, on repeat for hours, when I first ‘discover’ it. YouTube Repeat was made for people like me. I’ve listened to the Songza Indie Apartment Party playlist so often…… Continue reading Moderately manic

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Go crazy? Don’t mind if I do

I don’t know if you know this about me, but I am a crazyperson. Perhaps you’re new here? Take some time to look around, get acquainted, and I’m sure you’ll come to the conclusion that this chick is batshit insane. It’s okay, I wear it like a badge of honour. I tend to use the…… Continue reading Go crazy? Don’t mind if I do