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One of my best friends got married this weekend, and it was fabulous. We’ve been prepping and planning and having lead-up celebrations for almost a year, and the big day did not disappoint. Of course, what wedding weekend would be complete without a few too many drinks the night before (obviously I’m talking about me and…… Continue reading Wannabe

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Cottage country

While some people spent their long weekend huddling together for warmth in sleeping bags (which gives me serious May 2-4 flashbacks to high school: watching my friend puke out the fire or crying after my boyfriend puked all over our tent/me), I chose to escape my life the city by running away to the suburbs for a while. I’ve written about my time…… Continue reading Cottage country

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A play in one act

I’ve never been very good at pretending everything is okay when it isn’t. Acting isn’t my strong suit (as anyone who saw me in my high school play can attest), and I wear my emotions on my sleeves, pants, shoes; my entire outfit and coordinating accessories are made up entirely of feelings (note to self: make…… Continue reading A play in one act

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Expectation versus reality

Since I’m not out there in the shitshow Toronto dating scene, you’re going to have to deal with me navigating this brave new world. I have no idea what I’m doing, and I’m most likely going to get lost (there isn’t a Google Maps for relating to other people, is there)? Don’t say I didn’t warn…… Continue reading Expectation versus reality


Bully for you

Fact: people can be jerks sometimes. Something about dating really brings out people’s asshole tendencies, especially when they feel slighted. I’ve had my own experiences with this, and they typically follow a pattern: Dude: I would like to go out with you/see you again. Me: Thank you, but no thank you. Dude: Fuck you, slut/bitch/whore/fatty. Five seconds…… Continue reading Bully for you