Hey girl hey

I’ve featured conversations presented (mostly) without comment before, and one took place today that warrants the treatment again. Note: apologies for the repetition, I was screenshotting on the fly (and incredulously sending to friends). Unfortunately this suitor unmatched me before I could get the parting question. Second note: Mom, please stop reading right now. Trust me.

It started off innocently enough:

Hmm. Spoke too soon.
Hmm. Spoke too soon.
Well, this escalated quickly.
I don’t think ‘bosoms’ is a word.
This guy has it figured out. Amirite, ladies?

His final suggestion was for me to use a strap-on on him (because empowerment?). I think he caught on that I was not going to take him up on any of his offers, because the conversation disappeared shortly thereafter. This is modern dating: from ‘Hey,’ to sexual slavery in just over an hour. And it’s only Monday.


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