You had me at hello

A friend of mine recently discovered Straight White Boys Texting, and asked me if I had any experience with this sort of thing. OK Cupid and Tinder never fail to provide hilariously gross exchanges from men who’ve seemingly never interacted with other humans. I’ve posted a few before, but since I’ve been sending some of the recent gems his way, I have built up a good collection.I have done a little bit of redacting after a serious consult with one of my most trusted advisors, but ultimately these are both public forums and there are no personal details in any of their love letters.

This was special. I am still unsure if I was being negged, complimented, or trolled.


This next guy is certainly a charmer. He has a serious case of the Bye Felipes.

IMG_0003_2 IMG_0004_2 IMG_0005_2

His wife must be so satisfied.

I don’t know what I did to lead this suitor to believe I ‘might be interested in meeting up,’ but our 91% match led me to check out his profile:

IMG_0006_2 IMG_0007_2 IMG_0008_2

This fellow was very persistent, and his profile stated he lived in Mexico. When I said I preferred someone a bit more local, it magically changed!


I liked this one so much I had to share it, even with my shameful typo. We’re going out tomorrow, and I am fairly certain that he’s the one to finally save me from the Toronto dating scene:


Keep an eye out for our impending wedding announcement!


4 responses to “You had me at hello”

  1. It’s hard not to love everything about this. I especially enjoy the upfront/ no games attitude like #3- a hard-working man by day and a BDSM/ 50-shades-of-grey-loving man by night.

    Or, my personal favorite, #5- “Your breasts look huge”. But more importantly, “lol”.

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