No thanks, I’m not hungry

I’m a vegetarian cat lady, and I really wished he meant cat (hell, I ate dog when I lived overseas).

This. Is. Exhausting.


Care to join me while I drink an entire bottle of wine?


3 responses to “No thanks, I’m not hungry”

  1. I cringed when I read the pussy comment. Then I cringed even harder when I read the “lived in Asia” comment. Having poor “comedic” timing is no where near as terrible as overt stereotyping/racism. You’re gonna say “but Asians DO eat cats”. I’m afraid that’s not true:

    • Thanks for your comment. However, the article you link to does state that about 4 million cats are consumed annually in China. Like dog, it is not common and cannot be accidentally ordered, but it does happen. As someone who lived in Asia and ate dog intentionally, this was in no way meant as a racist comment but rather a reflection of something that does happen. I’m sorry you felt otherwise.

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