Go green

A friend from overseas messaged me to see if I was okay. His cause for concern? My increasingly Bitter Betty posts about dating (my words, not his). He reminded me that ‘bad date stories do not a person make.’ His message came at a good time; I have been contemplating a bit of a break from at least online dating. Messages from gentlemen like this used to cause me to laugh and shake my head and now I’m one bad message away from Hulk-smashing everything in my path.


I decided to delete Tinder, and remained on the fence with OK Cupid. I had a lovely conversation with a fellow for one day about our cats, Fan Expo, horror movies, and the city. Then this happened:

Nigel is a cat. That’s important.

Um, okay. Insert awkward ‘lol’ because it’s too early for this shit (both in the conversation and it was the crack of dawn).



Le sigh. I don’t need to be treated like a lady, I would be happy with being treated like a fucking human being. And a big ol’ Bye Felicia to the wonderful world of online dating. For now.

Steph smash.


One response to “Go green”

  1. Guuurl, I feel you 🙂 The online dating websites conversations are horrific, yet what guys consider sexting- we send to our girlfriends and lol for weeks 🙂

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