Let’s get weird

Holy shit, I had a good date! It’s been so long, I almost forgot what those were like. So good in fact, there are plans for a second date. Miracles happen people (although I’m still waiting for my water to turn into wine).

That being said, we all know the bad ones are funnier, so I don’t have a ton of entertaining things to say about it. The only blip was my slight hesitation when I received this text:


I rolled in wearing a cute dress and heels, hoping I wouldn’t be that noticeably overdressed (because I do this thing where I dress like an adult at work sometimes and I was too lazy to change), but thankfully he was more J. Crew than Zuckerberg chic – nary an Adidas shower shoe in sight. Since there isn’t much else to report (good conversation and beer, yay!), I thought I’d dive into something a bit different.

I am extremely lucky to be surrounded by creative, talented people and once in a while I get to take part in their magic. I’m no stranger to fun photo shoots, so when I found out one such lovely person had a fantastic project in the works, I jumped at the chance: Note to Self – a portrait, combined with a childhood photo and a letter to younger you. I have no shortage of awkward childhood photos (in fact they’re almost all awkward minus one), so narrowing it down was difficult, but my helpful sister sent me a selection of me in all my weird glory.

The winner:


I then had a shoot with the brains (and eyes) behind the project, Angela from Dukat Photos, who has taken some of my favourite photos at some of my favourite events. She’s also a joy to be around and sees the world through such an amazing lens, and the concept really spoke to me. I can’t wait to see the final result. My portrait:


And finally, here’s the note I wrote to that weird little kid:

Stephanie (You’re not Steph yet, but you will be soon. I promise.):
You are a beautiful weirdo. At this moment, you are completely free in your strangeness, at peace with your eccentricities, and blissfully unaware of anyone’s opinion save your own. 
I wish you could cling to that through the coming years. I wish you could embrace the bizarre – your bizarre –  throughout adolescence and into early adulthood. Instead, you will turn down that flame ever so slightly, hiding it in a misguided (but understandable) effort to fit it. So-called normalcy will feel a bit like playing dress up in your mother’s old wedding gown: beautiful, but poorly tailored for your body. You will live in your head a bit more, laugh a bit quieter, withhold that weird for fear of being labelled as the other. 
Until you realize one day, many years from now, your weird is wonderful. Your weird is welcomed. Your weird is wanted. You will surround yourself with other beautiful weirdos, and you will want them too.
Stay weird, my friends. Stay weird.


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  1. I teared up…not going to lie. Love this post and weird you, couldn’t picture you anyway else. xo

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