Is Hallmark hiring?

Just to show everyone myself I’m not a Bitter Betty about all the lubey handjobs and too soon bro discussions of butt stuff, I thought I would take some time to focus on something lovely.

I MC’d one of my best friend’s wedding just over a year ago, where something extra special happened (and no I don’t just mean an open bar). One of the bridesmaids met a friend of the groom at the rehearsal, and bam, magic! I was there to see it all unfold. I don’t remember much after the rehearsal dinner (apparently I missed a very interesting Spice Girls performance by yours truly), but when I say the moment it happened, I mean it. I was brought in as an intentional cock-block to ensure nothing happened beyond up-all-night getting to know you convo that first night. Strike that, I do remember drunkenly raising my head just long enough to tell them they were loud talkers before passing out again. Luckily, they took pictures for the history books:

I needed my glasses to see in my dreams?

Fast-forward to just over a year later and I found myself with almost the same group of lovely people celebrating another marriage. They asked me to write a little something about their story, and ended up using it as part of the place setting/bomboniere. I figured it would be nice to share something that didn’t have an F bomb or reference to booze in it:


Sometimes it catches us by surprise.

Sometimes it takes our breath away.

Sometimes it changes the course of our lives in mere moments.

Sometimes it challenges everything we thought we knew.

This is a story of that kind of love.

When M and L met, they were surrounded by love. The room, full of friends and family celebrating an upcoming wedding, buzzed with the joy of impending vows. However, as soon as M and L saw each other, the room buzzed with something else: anticipation. They were both a bit hesitant; this was going to be a game-changer and they knew it. They danced around each other that first night, getting to know each other while still maintaining distance. This was going to be big. Were they ready for that?

The next night, as their friends began the next chapter in their lives, M and L conceded to destiny and started their own first chapter. The journey challenged them both, and they met those challenges together. Travelling, meeting friends and family, and planning a wedding in a year is no small feat. Their happiness, their undeniable partnership, their contentment, their joy, their love let everyone know this was the right – and only – path. From that first weekend finding love in a place of love, M and L wrote their story in seven cities, four countries, and 386 days. 

Look Mom, I wrote something and didn’t say fuck once! Oh goddammit. 


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