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Steph rennt

So I’ve been doing this thing lately where I run – on purpose – and nothing’s chasing me. Technically I alternate between walking and dying jogging, but it’s as close to running as I’ve ever been. I run in literal circles at the Y up the street, and I’m actually enjoying it. For that 30-40…… Continue reading Steph rennt


If you can’t take the heat …

I’ve been plodding along in my adventures in cooking and veganism, to mixed results. The food has turned out shockingly well, but the rest of it has been a bit of a shitshow challenge at times. The first seemingly simple task that proved otherwise was sharpening my knives. I’ve had the same knife block for…… Continue reading If you can’t take the heat …

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Right in the feels

I’ve been having a lot of feels lately, which have resulted in a lot of conversations with my very patient and understanding friends. I had a less than stellar date about a week ago. His first words to me (to be read in a Russian accent): ‘I think you are looking mostly like your picture.’…… Continue reading Right in the feels

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Life skills 101: cooking

I’ve never been what one might call ‘gifted’ in the kitchen. I think a more accurate statement might be ‘fucking disaster.’ A couple of years ago, I decided to learn how to cook. I bought the most basic cookbook I could find: Apparently not basic enough. I bought all my groceries for the week’s meals,…… Continue reading Life skills 101: cooking