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No more mister nice gal

I know some people with amazing Resting Bitch Face: Good friends, people I work with, even my own sister. Sure, it may be a bit of a hinderance when you want to make friends on your first day of university or impress at a job interview, but the advantages far outweigh the drawbacks. As someone with…… Continue reading No more mister nice gal


Is Hallmark hiring?

Just to show everyone myself I’m not a Bitter Betty about all the lubey handjobs and too soon bro discussions of butt stuff, I thought I would take some time to focus on something lovely. I MC’d one of my best friend’s wedding just over a year ago, where something extra special happened (and no…… Continue reading Is Hallmark hiring?

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Say cheese!

I did a photo shoot a few weeks ago — the boudoir kind — and it was only slightly terrifying. Now, I’m a modern gal and have been known to send a Snapchat or two, but there’s a big difference between a grainy, low-light shot from a front-facing camera and a high-res, stand around in your underwear for…… Continue reading Say cheese!

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It’s all Greek to me

Oh, hey there! Nice of you to stop by. I have a treat for you … another guest post! This one comes courtesy of a lovely gent we’ll call Ernie (whom I hope won’t be a stranger ’round these here parts). Often when friends mention they had a bad date, my immediate response is to charm a…… Continue reading It’s all Greek to me

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Then the morning comes

There comes a certain point, if you move away, when you only return home for holidays and funerals. I’m getting on a train today for the latter, so maybe I’ll write some things later. Instead, I’ll share this thoughtful guest post from my talented friend Rob. Check out more of his work at    “Isn’t everything…… Continue reading Then the morning comes

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Setting the bar

My parents met in a bar.They also divorced less than 10 years later. How romantic. I’ve done the bar scene in Toronto, and it’s just a big fat no at this point. If the expectation going out is the optimistic girl with perfect hair and killer heels, the reality is the annihilated mess walking to the subway…… Continue reading Setting the bar