Netflix and no chill

The universe has been working hard lately to show me how ultimately fair and good it can be. Upgraded from nosebleeds to floor seats at a Madonna show, awesome work news, winning great tickets to a hockey game, getting carded, and more adventures in Toronto dating. Don’t worry, shit got back to weird after about two weeks…… Continue reading Netflix and no chill

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Give up the ghost

I’ve been thinking about ghosting a lot lately (while listening to this song). Maybe it’s my incessant need to finish a conversation, or my curiosity/need to know, but I find few things as irritating frustrating assholeish as when someone just up and fucking disappears. I think it might be the most disrespectful thing you can…… Continue reading Give up the ghost


Truth in advertising

After a lovely (well-timed) week at my family cottage camp sans electricity, I was super excited to meet a gentleman I started talking to on Tinder just before I left. I normally try to keep my expectations in check, but here was a fellow weirdo with a slightly off sense of humour and a dinosaur tattoo. My…… Continue reading Truth in advertising


Love is blind

Toronto has a reputation as being a difficult city to meet people. Online dating has been a clusterfuck uninspiring as of late, but luckily a couple of weird interesting different events have fallen into my lap. Last night two friends, whom we’ll call Goldilocks and Cinderella because this is my blog and I do what I want,…… Continue reading Love is blind