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Don’t Steph believing

I could not make this up if I tried. Life is funny sometimes; other times it is just so weird that your choices are to laugh or cry. I (usually) choose the former. I spent the last couple of days in my hometown celebrating my little sister’s graduation/contemplating my own future scholarly endeavours (I’m going…… Continue reading Don’t Steph believing

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Let’s get stoopid

Summer in Toronto means everyone (myself included) goes apeshit over patios. After a long, dreary winter, we want to get in as much outside time as possible (while still drinking). Being lazy and somewhat cheap, I prefer to buy a bottle of wine or three and settle down on my stoop. I’m not just talking…… Continue reading Let’s get stoopid

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Jokers to the right

Oh Toronto dating, you try so hard, yet you fail to shock me anymore. Maybe I’m (finally) desensitized, but if this is the worst you’ve got, then hit me with your best shit shot. A bit of background: this scholar thought my drunk texts should seem ‘drunker,’ and he chirped me for being too articulate. Of…… Continue reading Jokers to the right