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That’s what he said

Last night, after a week apart, I had a long-overdue reunion.  Of course I’m talking about wine. A friend and I polished off a bottle of sparkling merlot (yes, that is a thing that exists), and had an impromptu wine tasting of all the delicious half-finished bottles in my fridge because I’m classy like that. I’m…… Continue reading That’s what he said

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To have and to hold

I know, I know, two posts in a row (whee, a rhyme!). My laziness post-NYC threw off the schedule (yes, there is a schedule now), but here we are, getting back on track. It helps that I finagled another guest post out of a fabulous writer friend. This one comes courtesy of the lovely and talented Erin from…… Continue reading To have and to hold

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Happy wife, happy life

Well look what we have here: another guest post from another awesome writer. While I have very distinct opinions on all manner of things (and I’m obviously not afraid to share them), there are some topics that are just beyond my reach. Marriage, childbirth, quantum mechanics … these are all strange and mysterious subjects that I just…… Continue reading Happy wife, happy life

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Go the distance

We’re no stranger to awesome guest posts around these parts. That’s one of the advantages of having so many great writers in my life. My lovely friend Adrienne took the time to share her experience moving across the damn country (!!!) for love. You can check her out on Twitter to hear more of what she…… Continue reading Go the distance

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Please Mister Post-it Man

I’ve published a few fabulous guest posts in the past, and I recently managed to convince another friend to share their story. When I first heard this terrible tale, my second thought (after, ‘Who fucking does that?’) was, ‘This has to go on the blog.’ So here it is, my dear friend Penelope’s (what a…… Continue reading Please Mister Post-it Man

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And now for something completely different

I’ve been sitting on this for a while (mostly because my lazy ass wasn’t blogging), but I have another guest post from one of my very talented friends. We already heard from the lovely Holly, so this time we are going to be entertained by the hilarious and sometimes heart-breakingly honest Josh from Verb the…… Continue reading And now for something completely different