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Open season

I haven’t had this much trouble writing a post in a really long time. This is a very different story than what I had originally envisioned. I am so dependent on writing to process that I often form multiple entries about situations, going so far as jotting down notes on the fly when I come up with…… Continue reading Open season


Message received

There’s been a lot of talk on the Interwebz lately about how people communicate in dating scenarios. This bro lost his shit because the woman he was texting didn’t enjoy his terrible attempt at double entendre; this woman’s list of demands seems a bit … much; and this guy clearly does not have that whole ‘patience is…… Continue reading Message received


Hey girl hey

I’ve featured conversations presented (mostly) without comment before, and one took place today that warrants the treatment again. Note: apologies for the repetition, I was screenshotting on the fly (and incredulously sending to friends). Unfortunately this suitor unmatched me before I could get the parting question. Second note: Mom, please stop reading right now. Trust me. It started…… Continue reading Hey girl hey

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To the right, to the right

I’ve waxed poetic about Tinder a couple of times now, but don’t worry, I’ve always got more to say. Here’s something I haven’t touched on: what to do when you start running into people you know from the outside world. Or even more fun, repeats who don’t recognize you and your ever-changing hair. Singles in…… Continue reading To the right, to the right


You’ve got mail

A sense of humour is important for most things in life. I would say that goes double for maintaining sanity in the Toronto dating scene. Now, with that being said, not everyone agrees on what’s funny. That itself can be a pretty good way to weed out potential dates. If you don’t think I’m funny,…… Continue reading You’ve got mail

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Do you like scary movies?

So here’s something that should come as no surprise: I am a huge nerd. I took it to a whole new level this past weekend when I went to Fan Expo — and dressed up. For those of you either not cool enough too cool to know what Fan Expo is, it’s basically Comic Con North. For…… Continue reading Do you like scary movies?